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About Us

FilterShip Who are we?

We are you! FilterShip is a family owned business with offices in South Jordan and Salt Lake City, Utah.  

After forgetting to change our filters and remember our sizes for the hundreth time, we realized there is a better way to do this. We have gone months (some of us up to a year) without remembering to replace our air filters. We have suffered from poor air quality in our homes, higher energy bill costs, our HVAC system breaking down, and the devastating moral defeat of leaving the store empty handed because we forgot to write down the air filter size we needed—my wife hasn’t looked at me the same way since. 

We created FilterShip to filter the literal crap out of our homes. So rise up fellow filtergetters (filter forgetters)! Sign up today for your FREE FILTER.

About Us

What quality of filters do you have?

Even if you do not use our service, please do us a favor and stay away from the cheap $5 poly filters. Cheap filters are worse than an old rusty bic razor.  Poly filters will destroy your HVAC and leave you breathing in all kinds of particles including but not limited to poo. FilterShip provides a higher end pleated MERV 8-13 filters starting at ONLY $15.95. Our filters are less expensive than the air filters you will see at the store from $20 to $25. You will save money with FilterShip.

About Us

Save Energy

Do you know it will cost you big money not to replace your air filters at least every 3 months? Not replacing your home air filters on a regular schedule can cost you hundreds of dollars each year on your energy bill. When your filter is dirty it clogs and leaves your HVAC working overtime while increasing your monthly energy bill. FilterShip will help you solve that problem.

About Us

Your path to fresh air

FilterShip is a smart and simple air filter subscription service. We deliver your specified filters to your door once you sign up…..every time you need them…..on schedule.

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